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Total cash collected from our users that have purchased a Premium Plan in a given period. Collections is a non-GAAP metric calculated by adding the change in deferred revenues for a particular period to revenues for the same period. 

Premium Subscriptions

Purchased by registered users in order to take advantage of Premium features such as connecting a domain and removing Wix ads. A single registered user can purchase multiple Premium subscriptions.

User Cohorts

A group of registered users that registered with in a given time period. User Cohorts include users that joined Wix either through free channels, such as direct navigation to, organic search results, or through paid channels in which we invest marketing dollars. We typically present User Cohorts on a quarterly basis (e.g., “the Q1 2017 User Cohort”), though we analyze User Cohorts in smaller time periods internally.


Time to Return on Marketing Investment - The time it takes to generate Collections from new Premium subscriptions that are purchased by users in a given User Cohort to equal dollars spent on direct marketing costs to acquire that cohort.

Registered Users

Someone that has registered with using a unique email address. Registered Users have access to hundreds of design templates and free web hosting through a Wix domain. 

Free Cash Flow

Cash flow provided by (used in) operating activities minus capital expenditures. Free cash flow is useful in evaluating our business because it reflects the cash surplus available or used to fund the expansion of our business after the payment of capital expenditures for ongoing operations. Free cash flow is a non-GAAP financial measure.